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  • pre 30/10/2018
  • pre Kanika Arora




As Summer comes to an end, Autumn/Fall begins. This season marks the transition from summer to winter. Season change can be a great opportunity for kids to learn about change. Changes in climatic conditions, migration of birds, seasonal fruits and vegetables and in clothing as well.


Changes in nature are intriguing for children. Exploration is fun and also encourages learning in kids and what better way to learn than to explore your surroundings? As soon as children reach a certain age, when they can comprehend the changes in the surroundings around them, they get more curious which leads them to ask countless questions and we love questions, don’t we?


Fall is a season full of holidays and festivals around the world, like Thanksgiving, Halloween and Diwali. Many cultures across the globe celebrate these festivals with sheer enthusiasm. Taking inspiration from these holidays, it is a great way to teach kids about gratitude, sharing and family traditions. It also presents us with a unique opportunity to teach our kids, crafts that are inspired by Fall.


One of the most popular fruit of the season is pumpkin and various craft activities can be taught to kids using pumpkin as a resource, for instance, big-sized Pumpkins can be used to carve out Jack O Lanterns during Halloween, colourful play dough can be used to make Diyas during Diwali. Pumpkin seeds, fallen leaves and twigs can also be used in various FMS (Fine Motor Skill) and GMS (Gross Motor Skill) activities and many fall inspired crafts. These activities are sure to help kids associate things like falling leaves, different colours on the streets and pumpkins with this particular season.


The autumn/fall season is perfect for story-telling sessions as well, when held outside in a park since the days are more pleasant during this season. Picnics can also be a great way to spend a beautiful autumn day with the kids exploring the surroundings and learning at the same time.


Learning can be done anywhere, anytime and in any season. Let this Season be an invitation to learn and to prepare ourselves for the next season i.e. Winter, the season of sipping hot chocolate, curling up around a bonfire, listening to stories and of course enjoying Christmas and New Year’s.


Happy Fall !!




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