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  • pre 21/11/2018
  • pre Kanika Arora


Origami – A two syllable word, wherein “Ori” means Paper in Japanese and “Gami” refers to folding. According to history, it originated in China but was popularised in Japan. It is an art form of paper folding which is over 1000 years old. Japan took origami to new heights and transformed this art into paper magic. A magic that would change the way we learn.




Research shows, that origami can help both young and old in many different ways. We might ask what makes it so fun and attractive for kids? It’s the colourful paper and various shapes that the paper can be moulded into like cranes, cats, dogs and even Pokémon. This is the reason why Origami deserves a spot in preschools.


Kids love to see how simple folds can make a sheet of paper come alive. They can also experiment with different shapes and patterns. Origami is more than just a few tricks of paper-folding, it can also be used to teach the concept of symmetry to kids as in most cases the fold is supposed to be repeated on the other side exactly the same way. They can be taught to create and recognize the basic geometric shapes as well, such as rectangles, squares and triangles. This helps them to develop their shape recognition skill.


Introducing origami to preschool going kids is paramount, it teaches them about group learning and community building and so, if a kid lags behind a certain step, others in the group can come forward to offer help, a habit very difficult to impart in kids otherwise. Encouraging kids to imagine, helps the kids to be creative as well.




From envelopes, shirt folds to fancy gift wrapping. It is quite amazing to witness hidden uses of this art form around us. The magical tricks of folding can be seen in our day to day life. For instance, how birds fold their wings which are bigger than their body ?. How petals are folded inside a bud ?. How various pleats are folded to form an umbrella ?. How a car airbag is folded and installed to be deployed within seconds if needed ?.



Origami has been inspiring all of us since ages, so much so that even science has also learnt a thing or two from this art form and it has proven to be a great tool for kids too.



So Let the magic of folding begin.


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