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  • pre 05/04/2019
  • pre Kanika Arora


In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring Equinox (mostly falls on March 21st every year) marks the beginning of Spring Season. On the day of Spring Equinox, the length of a day and night is nearly equal. Following the Equinox, days become longer and warmer. Air becomes lighter as the Sun shines brighter.

As the path of the Sun aligns with the Earth’s Equator, it gives us a great opportunity to welcome spring into our lives. Just as every country is unique in terms of physical geography, ethnicity and various other factors, the celebration also varies. People across many cultures celebrate spring enthusiastically like Easter (also called Resurrection Sunday), Hanami (Cherry Blossom flower viewing) and many more.

Spring celebrations could either be, sharing a meal with friends and family, participating in a parade/carnival, going to numerous flower festivals or playful colour and water fights. Taking Las Fallas (Paper Mache puppets) as a point of reference. It is a traditional celebration commemorating St. Joseph in Spain. Festivities include a parade where people come on streets wearing beautiful traditional dresses alongside various creations of the puppets (Fallas). Another traditional festival is Holi also known as “Festival of Colours”. It represents the beginning of Spring Season in India. On this day, people smear and drench each other with colour and water. Everything looks colourful and magical. Streets look as if a giant crayon box exploded on them.

In this globalized and liberalized era, a child not only celebrates Holi & Diwali but also celebrates Halloween and Christmas. Knowledge of festivals around the world other than his/her own will promote an understanding of different cultures and communities. Imagine a world without festivals, wouldn’t it get boring? Festivals of any variety are of great importance for a world that’s diverse and vibrant. Of many other things sowing the seed of unity in diversity in a child’s mind at a young age is vital. Celebrating spring with kids will not only make them aware of rituals and customs associated with each festival but it's a great way to bond as well. Spring festival is the perfect excuse for kids to take a break and have fun.

How many times have we as a parent let our kids help in decorations during a festive season? How many times have we as a parent explained to kids the real meaning behind a particular ritual followed? Make kids understand about old traditions, values and beliefs the family holds close regarding a festival as we don’t want them to end up following traditions blindly. Lastly make everything festive, frolic and fun.









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