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WhO are We

PreKoncept Education was conceived to provide preschool solutions to customers looking to open their own preschool. Unlike the popular model of preschool franchise, we are devoted to provide you with a comprehensive solution to setup and run a successful preschool, catering to children from the age of 15 months to 6 years without the hassle of being under a franchise contract

A Unique Business Model

The franchise model comes with many terms. PreKoncept Education works on “no franchise, no royalty model” – where no terms and conditions apply. Our work starts the moment you come to us looking for a solution for your existing or new preschool related problems, like preparing the right curriculum that is age appropriate and suits the unique personality of the child, increasing admissions, marketing, safety measures and training of staff to name a few. The cherry on top is that you just pay for the services, nothing more and nothing less. Bespoke services served right, just the way you like it.

Service Providers

Services are the entities by which we actually assist you for your preschool. At PreKoncept Education, we understand that starting and running preschool needs three essential elements: Curriculum, Training and Marketing. Our team takes care of these essential elements while you experience the joy of being with the kids.

Why PreKoncept?

Best in class Curriculum

A preschool's curriculum determines activities and learning methodologies a kid will experience during his/her stay at the school. Our Curriculum, based on Montessori and Playway Methodology, with significant focus on storytelling that enriches the child and aims to impart correct values in them. It creates an interest in the child to learn in a conducive environment.

Stories, the magical learning tool

PreKoncept Education believes that stories hold the key to education. The concept of learning through stories is an ancient Indian method of education. We are keen to bring forth the immense power that stories hold. Storytelling is just a way how we let young minds absorb all the knowledge and good manners without letting their attention span slip.


We understand the responsibility and the trust, you need to take care of a child. We help to develop an environment that is child-centric.For a preschool to be child-friendly, care needs to be involved with everything.We help you choose the right kind of furniture, colours of the wall, furniture arrangements, the right kind of cutlery, nutritious food menu and other such small big things.

Child Safety and Security

We assure you that we put the child's safety, security and comfort as the priority. We help in creating a safe and secure environment by various means like installing CCTV cameras, skid-proof flooring, emergency exit plans, window guards, safety gates at stairways, laying down basic rules for kids, regular inspections etc..

Trained Staff

Learning and constant improvement never stop at any age, so, all the teachers, nannies and administration staff undergo regular and rigorous training and are evaluated on a regular basis in order to make sure the standard is well maintained and parents are happy. This also ensures that the children, receive the best, from the best. After all, our kids are the torch bearers of the future.

Our Philosophy

The PreKoncept Education motto says "Your School- Your Profit". We understand the upfront and hidden costs involved in starting and running a preschool under franchisee model. We also understand that this creates an undue pressure on the owners to increase the fee which burdens the parents and often deters them from opting for a particular preschool.

During a survey of the parents recently conducted by us, 80% parents think the cost of preschool should come down as it puts an immense pressure on them.They also concur with the fact that it is very difficult for them to cope up with increasing costs as they have to save up for higher education of the kids also. Almost 50 percent of parents thought that if they spend less on a preschool, their children are bound to get a subpar education and the safety of the child might also be compromised.

The solution then is to have Preschools & Day-care centres that are not expensive on the parent's pocket with a primary focus on Education and Child Safety. This is what is going to drive volume according to market analysis. PreKoncept strives to provide bespoke services to our clientele and aims to drastically reduce the playschool setup cost and running cost for the school. So once you have made the initial investment with us, and we turn your preschool into a successful one, all that comes in terms of profit is yours.




Join us on our mission to make quality education available for all. The benefits that you reap when working with us are many. Let us jot down a few for you.

  • One stop shop for all your needs.
  • Well researched, designed and developed curriculum; a mix of Montessori and Playway methodology with focus on storytelling.
  • No royalty or franchise fee.
  • Variety of plans to choose from as per your need.
  • Cost effective.
  • Essential and comprehensive teacher training at regular intervals.
  • Rigorous teacher evaluation at regular intervals.
  • Coordinator training on administration and public relations.
  • Industry best Digital & Traditional Marketing support.
  • Dedicated relationship manager.
  • Care for the environment by minimizing the paperwork and going the digital way. Online support is provided for all aspects.

Our Team

Mrigakhi Arora


PreKoncept Education is run by highly qualified and motivated group of people. Our Founder member and the current team members all share the vision of bringing quality education within everyone's reach.Our team has vast experience in early childhood education. The expertise has been garnered over a decade by setting up a credible number of preschools all over India.

Our Founding member has studied the art of early childhood education from Victoria, Australia. A philanthropist, who strongly believes that the cost of education should not define the quality of education. A strong supporter of mandatory preschool education, who believes in quality education for every child for the betterment and development of society as children are the torch bearers of our future.